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Welcome to Mathematics Institut Teknologi Bandung.

We are a thriving endeavor for learning mathematics in Indonesia, through research and education. With 59 faculty members, our programs train a student body of 715, in Undergraduate Program in Mathematics, Master Program in Mathematics, Master Program in Actuarial Science, Master Program in Mathematics for Teaching, and Doctoral Program in Mathematics. For research provision, the faculty members are divided into research divisions, they are Algebra RD, Analysis and Geometry RD, Combinatorial Mathematics RD, Industrial and Financial Mathematics RD, and Statistics RD.


Our new house since October 2015 is the 4th and 5th floors of the Center for Advanced Sciences (CAS) Building on the northeastern part of the Ganesha campus of the Institut Teknologi Bandung. Administrative offices and faculty members’ offices are located in the 4th floor, while faculty lounge, library, computer labs, doctoral students’ offices, and study areas are on the 5th.

We believe that the quality of education does not depend solely on the formal classes, but to the large extent, to the whole lively interactions amongst students, faculty members, or in general academic communities. Here in Mathematics ITB, we strive to provide such environment.

6th January 2021

Fellowships for ASEAN Students

The Graduate Programs in Mathematics, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia, funded by German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offer 14 fellowships for Master’s in Mathematics, 10 fellowships for Master’s in Actuarial Sciences, and  10 fellowships for Doctorate in Mathematics for early-stage researchers of Southeast Asian nasionalities. The Graduate Programs in Mathematics ITB are recognized as Emerging Regional Center of Exellence (ERCE)

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9th September 2020

The Tenth International Conference and Workshop on High Dimensional Data Analysis (ICW-HDDA-X) 2020

In 13-14 October 2020, Department of Mathematics and Actuarial Science ITB will held workshop on “Gaussian Copula processes on time series data” by Dr. Sapto Wahyu Indratno and “Islamic Mathematical Finance” by Dr. Novriana Sumarti. These workshop activities are related to The Tenth International Conference and Workshop on High Dimensional Data Analysis (ICW-HDDA-X) 2020. For

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