23 April 2016: MaG-D IX 2016


This year MaG-D (Mathematical Analysis and Geometry Day) will be held at East Campus Center (CC Timur) on April, 23th 2016. As usual, MaG-D begins with an  open mathematical contest that will be opened from April, 4th 2016 until April, 20th 2016. MaG-D ends with a mathematics competition and a series of public lecture, which will be presented by Dr. Kie Van Ivanky Saputra from UPH and  Dr. J. M. Tuwankotta from ITB.

For further information on the contest and the competition, you could consult brochure attached, or send email to kkag{at}math.itb.ac.id.

The MaG-D IX 2016 Mathematical Contest (updated February 4th, 2016)