Master Program in Mathematics

The Graduate Program in Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences ITB was established in 1993, offering a higher education programs for Master and PhD degrees in pure and applied mathematics. It is one of the best graduate programs in mathematics in Indonesia. The Program is the largest of its kind in terms of student body and the breadth of programs offered.

It is supported by high qualified academic staff with prominent educational background from the best universities in USA, UK, France, Netherland, Japan, Australia and Canada. They have excellent academic record in conducting research on various areas of mathematical sciences including Algebra, Analysis, Graph and Combinatorial Mathematics, Dynamical Systems, Population Dynamics, Mathematical Hydrodynamics, Actuarial and Financial Mathematics, Optimization and Control Theory, Statistics and Probability Theory.

The research supports on-going theoretical development of the mathematical sciences. At the same time, it promotes application of mathematics in science and engineering. In turn, the research brings a flow of real mathematical problems to enrich the graduate programs.

Collaborations with industries have been built for a longtime, such as Research Consortia OPPINET (Optimization on Oil & Gas Pipeline Network) and FinanMOS (Financial Modeling, Optimization, and Simulation), PT. Astra Agro Lestari for research on early warning system for oil palm plantation, and PT. Chevron for research on pipeline.



An academic year at Institut Teknologi Bandung is divided into two semesters: odd and even semesters. Each semester consists of 14 weeks for courses and 1 week for exams. A Master program consists of 12 courses which normally takes 2 years. Six of the courses are compulsory, including a master thesis. Each course is 3 credits (3 hours per week).

All text books for courses are in English. All faculty members can teach their courses in English if there are some international students who cannot speak Indonesian.

In Mathematics Master Program ITB, each student with the help of his academic adviser design his study plan based on his interests and linkages with ongoing research in the following Research Groups: Algebra, Analysis and Geometry Research, Combinatorial Mathematics, Industrial and Financial Mathematics, and Statistics. In addition, there isĀ  a possibility to conduct multidisciplinary studies, both with other research division at the ITB as well as with industry.