Industrial and Financial Mathematics Research Group is a part of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), specialized in applied mathematics research and education. We aim to be a center of mathematical modeling and simulation that linking industry practitioners and applied mathematicians.

To this end, we provide a plenty of mathematical and numerical courses focus on industry, finance and life sciences that are offered to any graduate and undergraduate students of ITB. Workshops and short courses on certain topic in applied mathematics are also held every year that are open for public.

We also are actively involved in developing interdisciplinary networks between mathematician and other professionals or scientists in solving real-world problems using mathematical modeling. Several linkages have been developed for many years with our partner institutions. For instance, the group has collaborated intensively with Research Consortia OPPINET (Optimization on Oil & Gas Pipeline Network) and FinanMOS (Financial Modeling, Optimization, and Simulation). Both research consortia are housed in PPMS (Center for Mathematical Modeling and Simulation) ITB

Students in both undergraduate and graduate levels are ours very valuable resources. We nurture them to be highly skilled in applied mathematics and to give a contribution to society by use of mathematical modeling. Therefore we welcome young students, academic staffs, researchers and engineers to join in our activities or to conduct a research together.