Major Programmes

In general, the curriculum of Undergraduate Program in Mathematics (UPM) has two programmes
sequentially: Common First Year Program, and Post Common First Year Program (Sarjana Program). The
description can be seen in followed figure.


At least 144 credits are required to complete the UPM. The curriculum was designed to have 4
orientation stages: Common First Year Stage, Object-oriented Stage, Property-oriented Stage, and
Maturation Stage. Each of them is explained in detail in Section 3. Compulsory and elective courses
offered by UPM are :



Elective courses
It is our belief that one pursues the study of mathematics with objectives: as a science and as a tool for other fields. Mathematics is an intrinsic component of science, part of its fabric, its universal language and indispensable source of intellectual tools. Reciprocally, science inspires and stimulates mathematics, posing new questions, engendering new ways of thinking, and ultimately conditioning the value system of mathematics. Therefore, we encourage our students to take between 6 and 12 credits from courses offered by other study programmes. Thus, our students are able to mingle or interacts with nonmathematics students and familiar themselves with subjects other than mathematics.
We acknowledge the wide range in interests and needs by incorporating flexibility in the curriculum. The UPM offers plenty elective courses. After completing Common First Year Program (TPB), students have to complete at least 108 credits consisting of 8 credits from ITB compulsory courses and 100 credits from mathematics and mathematics-related courses. Almost half out of these 100 credits are from elective courses. There are two kinds of elective courses, Semi-restricted Electives (30 credits) and Restricted Electives (16 credits). One benefits of such flexibility is that students can design their study by selecting elective courses that meet their interests, talents, and needs.

Restricted Elective Courses. UPM students are required to take at least 16 credit points from Restricted Elective Courses. First, each student has to take at least one course (4 credits each) from each of the following three groups of courses:
A. (Algebra) MA3021 Algebraic Structures or MA3022 Linear Algebra,
B. (Geometry) MA3041 Introduction to Differential Geometry or MA3042 Geometry
C. (Probability and Statistics) MA3281 Mathematical Statistics or MA4181 Introduction to Stochastic Processes.
Then, students have to choose at least one more course (worth 4 credits) from the following group of courses:
MA3051 Introduction to Graph Theory, MA3071 Introduction to Optimization, MA3072 Partial Differential Equations, MA4031 Real Functions, MA4051 Combinatorial Optimization, MA3021 Algebraic Structures, MA3022 Linear Algebra, MA3041 Introduction to Differential Geometry, MA3042 Geometry, MA3281 Mathematical Statistics, MA4181 Introduction to Stochastic Processes.

Semi-restricted Elective Courses. Students must pass at least 18 credit points from courses offered by the UPM (minimum 8 credits from fourth year courses), and at least 6 credit points from other study programs (minimum 4 credits from third or fourth year courses). For UPM students participating in minor program, they must pass 12-18 credits offered by the selected study program.

List of compulsory courses for each semester is presented in followed table.



No Code Course Name CP
Semester I
1 MA1101 Mathematics IA 4
2 FI1101 Elementary Physics IA 4(1)
3 KI1101 General Chemistry IA 3(1)
4 KU1011 Indonesian Language: Scientific Writing 2
5 KU1160 Introduction to Mathematics and Natural Sciences 2
6 KU1101 Introduction to Engineering and Design I 2
Total 17
Semester II
1 MA1201 Mathematics IIA 4
2 FI1201 Elementary Physics IIA 4(1)
3 KI1201 General Chemistry IIA 3(1)
4 KU1072 Introduction to Information Technology B 2
5 KU1201 Introduction to Engineering and Design II 2
6 KU102X English (KU1021/1022/1023) 2
7 KU1001 Sports 2
Total 19
Semester III
1 MA2121 Elementary Linear Algebra 4
2 MA2151 Simulation and Computational Mathematics 4
3 MA2181 Data Analysis 4
Elective courses/ ITB Compulsory courses 6
Total 18
Semester IV
1 MA2231 Multivariable Calculus 4
2 MA2271 Introduction to Differential Equation 4
3 MA2251 Discrete Mathematics 4
Elective courses/ ITB Compulsory courses 6
Total 18
Semester V
1 MA3131 Introduction to Complex Analysis 4
2 MA3171 Numerical Mathematics 4
3 MA3181 Probability Theory 4
Elective courses/ ITB Compulsory courses 6
Total 18
Semester VI
1 MA3231 Introduction to Real Analysis 4
2 MA3011 Career in Mathematics 2
3 MA3271 Mathematical Modeling 4
Elective courses/ ITB Compulsory courses 6
Total 18
Semester VII
1 MA4093 Final Project I 3
2 MA4091 Mathematics Seminar I 1
Elective courses 14
Total 18
Semester VIII
1 MA4094 Final Project II 3
2 MA4092 Mathematics Seminar II 1
Elective courses 14
Total 18


List of Second Year Elective Courses

No Code Course Name CP
1 MA2011 Perspective in Mathematics 2
2 MA2111 Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning 3
3 MA2022 Structure of Integers 2
4 MA2252 Introduction to Number Theory 4
5 MA2281 Non-Parametric Statistics 2


List of Third Year Elective Courses

No Code Course Name CP
1 MA3012 Mathematics Learning Theory 2
2 MA3013 History of Mathematics 2
3 MA3021 Algebraic Structures 4
4 MA3022 Linear Algebra 4
5 MA3041 Introduction to Differential Geometry 4
6 MA3042 Geometry 4
7 MA3051 Introduction to Graph Theory 4
8 MA3071 Introduction to Optimization 4
9 MA3073 Partial Differential Equations 4
10 MA3161 Introduction to Theory of Interest 3
11 MA3182 Analysis of Variance and Regression 2
12 MA3261 Introduction of Financial Mathematics 4
13 MA3272 Optimization Methods 4
14 MA3281 Mathematical Statistics 4
15 MA3283 Generalized Linear Models 3


List of Fourth Year Elective Courses

No Code Course Name CP
1 MA4095 Internship 2
2 MA4031 Real Function 4
3 MA4051 Combinatorial Optimization 4
4 MA4151 Cryptography 4
5 MA4171 Linear Control Theory 4
6 MA4181 Introduction to Stochastic Processes 4
7 MA4183 Risk Model 3
8 MA4251 Coding Theory 4
9 MA4281 Multivariate Analysis 4


List of Capita Selecta Courses

No Code Course Name CP
1 MA4041 Capita Selecta in Geometry 4
2 MA4121 Capita Selecta in Algebra I 4
3 MA4172 Capita Selecta in Industrial and Financial Mathematics I 4
4 MA4151 Capita Selecta in Discrete Mathematics I 4
5 MA4182 Capita Selecta in Statistics I 4
6 MA4032 Capita Selecta in Analysis 4
7 MA4221 Capita Selecta in Algebra II 4
8 MA4272 Capita Selecta in Industrial and Financial Mathematics II 4
9 MA4252 Capita Selecta in Discrete Mathematics II 4
10 MA4282 Capita Selecta in Statistics II 4