Master Program in Mathematics for Teaching

Master Program in Mathematics for Teaching ITB is a formal academic higher education program which has the objective to improve the professionalism of the participants as a mathematics teacher at school. This is done by improving participants’ competence in mathematics and related aspects in learning.

In general, graduates of this program is expected to be a math teacher who has the attitude and competence as follows: Professional attitude (open, willing to keep learning, conversation) that shows the pioneering and leadership, and can act as an agent of change; a comprehensive mastery of math materials relevant to mathematics is taught in schools, so that participants will be able to teach it properly; mastery of the principles of mathematics learning in order to develop effective methods of teaching mathematics.

The Curriculum of Master Program in Mathematics for Teaching can be downloaded here.

Course Structure

No Code Course Name CP
Semester I
1 MA5117 Argumentasi dan Pembuktian Matematika 3
2 MA5147 Geometri Euclid 3
3 MA5157 Combinatorics 3
Total 9
Semester II
1 AK5217 Kecakapan Matematika 3
2 MA5227 Teori Suku Banyak 3
3 MA5287 Statistics 3
Total 9
Semester III
1 MA6017 Project 1 3
2 MA6118 Pembelajaran Matematika Sekolah 3
3 MAxxxx Elective course 3
Total 9
Semester IV
1 MA6018 Project 2 3
2 MAxxxx Elective Course 3
3 MAxxxx Elective course 3
Total 9

Elective Courses

No Code Course Name CP
1 MA6019 Exploration in Problem Solving 3
2 MA6027 Exploration in Agebra 3
3 MA6037 Exploration in Analysis 3
4 MA6047 Exploration in Geometry 3
5 MA6048 Function and Geometry 3
6 MA6049 Symmetry and Transformations 3