Minor Programmes

UPM, as well as other ITB study programmes, offers Minor Programme as minor area of study. Minor is coherent sequences of courses taken in addition to the courses required for the primary programme. Each study programme has designed a programme where a student has to take 12 to 18 credits from certain list of courses. Upon completion of minor requirements, students may propose to the corresponding chair of programme to declare their minor area of study and will be recognized in their academic transcripts.

Students from other study programmes who take minor in Mathematics should complete 18 credits of Mathematics courses (subject code MA) or designated equivalent courses, and choose 6 credits from other Mathematics-related courses.

First UPM student with minor (in engineering) graduated in 2011. To this date, more than ten mathematics students have graduated with minor in industrial engineering, petroleum engineering, and informatics.

Only students with minimum average grade point 2.50 for MA1101 Mathematics IA and MA1201 Mathematics IIA may register for the minor in mathematics programme. Students in the minor in Mathematics complete 12-18 credits of mathematics courses (one from each group) from the following table, excluding MA1101 Mathematics IA and MA1201 Mathematics IIA.


No Code Course Name CP
1 MA2121 Elementary Linear Algebra 4
2 MA2231 Multivariable Calculus 4
3A MA2181 Data Analysis 4
3B MA2281 Non-parametric Statistics 2
3C MA2271 Introduction to Differential Equations 4
3D MA2251 Discrete Mathematics 4
4A MA3231 Introduction to Real Analysis 4
4B MA3022 Linear Algebra 4
4C MA3021 Algebraic Structures 4
5 MA3xxx/MA4xxx Other mathematics courses
Total 12-18