Undergraduate Program in Mathematics

The undergraduate program in Mathematics (hereafer called UPM) provides learning process in mathematics and related fields. The UPM  gives students  strong fundamental mathematical knowledge, that allows them to pursue a higher degree or to work in various fields.

Aside from formulating and exploring new fundamental theoretical knowledge, the study of Mathematics also focuses on quantifying a problem (from everyday life) as a mathematical model and then finding a solution to the model. In pursuing a degree at the Mathematics Study Program, students are trained with the skill of mathematical modelling in solving everyday problem. Equipped with strong fundamental Mathematical knowledge, students are able to generalize and extrapolate the Mathematical model of natural and social phenomenon from the simplest case to a more sophisticated model of a complicated problem. One example is a traffic congestion problem encountered in big cities. This problem may be formulated into a mathematical model, where an optimal solution may be deduced.

The faculty members who teach at the UPM are grouped into five research divisions, namely Analysis and Geometry, Algebra, Combinatorial Mathematics, Financial and Industrial Mathematics, and Statistics. Students are given options to choose elective courses and topics for their “Skripsi” (final projects) in many areas of applications of mathematics and statistics, including actuarial science.

Thus, it is not true that a Mathematics graduate will end up only as a Mathematics teacher. The fact is that many Mathematics graduates work successfully in various fields other than education, such as industries, manufactures, finance and banking, and information technology.